Harsh Barge

After listening to a lot of aggressive noise music recently led me to want to make some recordings like this. I got on the drums, wrote a fragment of a song, clung to a tiny idea, and faded in and out of composition and improvisation. I mixed the drums to be incredibly blown out and layered various sounds and drones on top of the recorded drums. They are glued together dynamically : when the drums reach a certain volume, the backing track is boosted in time with the drums. In between tracks there are various snippets of things around me that I recorded on my phone (kid singing in the post office, windshield wipers, old time radio broadcast etc.)

Side A : 0. (digital only) The Gas Pours In / 1. The Man With Alzheimers Remembers How to Ride A Bike / 2. Residew / 3. Forgetting to Eat / 4. Laughing With Nose
Side B : 5. Child Athletes / 6. The Postal Service of the United States of America / 7. Names of Actors / 8. Harsh Barge

TRT : 10 minutes

Harsh Barge
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$5 tape +$3 shipping

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